¿Cómo salió Masvidal vs Covington

¿Cómo salió Masvidal vs Covington

What did Masvidal say to Covington

In the wake of the pair's altercation at a restaurant in Miami, TMZ reported that cops said Covington heard Masvidal yell, "You shouldn't have been talking about my kids" before the assault.

Who won the fight between Jorge Masvidal

After losing a unanimous decision in the co-main event, Masvidal announced his retirement from the sport while telling Burns “go get that belt” as they embraced following a three-round battle. “I love everybody here,” Masvidal shouted to the Miami faithful.

When did Masvidal jump Colby Covington

Colby Covington reveals what Jorge Masvidal said to him before he jumped him with his face covered. Colby Covington was infamously attacked by Jorge Masvidal outside the Papi Steak restaurant in Miami on March 21.

How many PPV did Colby vs Masvidal sell

Sports Business Journal reports that the event sold more than 400,000 pay-per-view (PPV) buys, making it the best-selling UFC event of 2022. While this is the first event of the year in which PPV numbers have been leaked, we now have a ceiling for the previous four events of the year.

Why Covington hates Masvidal

The pair were best friends and even lived together during their time at American Top Team, but a bitter dispute split them up after Masvidal claimed Covington short-changed their coach after one of his fights, a claim Covington denies.

Why did Colby Covington fall out with Masvidal

Valverde believes a clash of egos was the reason for Covington's falling out with Masvidal. “Most fighters have a big ego and it's hard to control the ego,” he said. “When you have too many stars training together, there's only one place for a champion in the division."

Did Masvidal win the fight tonight

UFC 287 results, highlights: Gilbert Burns earns decision victory, sends Jorge Masvidal into retirement – CBSSports.com.

Who has Colby Covington lost to

Covington rematched Kamaru Usman for the UFC Welterweight Championship on November 6, 2021, at UFC 268. Despite a close bout, Covington lost via unanimous decision.

When did Jorge assault Colby

Colby Covington returned to the public eye this weekend at UFC 286 in London, England. And while he had a lot to say about Khamzat Chimaev and Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman, he didn't bring up the alleged assault he suffered at the hands of Jorge Masvidal in March 2022.

Did Jorge Masvidal knock out Colby

Jorge Masvidal's knockdown of Colby Covington left his bitter rival's face briefly disfigured before he rallied to unanimous decision victory.

What is the highest PPV in history

As of May 2022, the 2015 'Fight of the Century' between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao had the most most boxing pay-per-view (PPV) buys of all time, with 4.6 million buys in total.

Why didn t Colby Covington get PPV money

A big fight headlining a UFC pay-per-view event typically means a big payday, but Covington revealed he won't be getting part of the cut on the pay-per-view sales. “I forgoed the pay-per-view,” Covington told reporters at Wednesday's media day. “I don't care about the pay-per-view for this fight.

Who is better Masvidal or Covington

Covington has won four fights by submission, whereas Masvidal has won just two fights in this fashion. This is made all the more impressive considering Masvidal has almost three times as many fights as Covington.

When did Masvidal and Colby fall out

Both fighters were close friends for a while, and they even lived together while they were training partners at American Top Team. However, they fell out over money in 2018, with Covington allegedly refusing to pay one of Masvidal's coaches after winning the interim welterweight title.

Why did Colby and Jorge become enemies

“I have nothing against him,” Hernandez said. “The only thing is that in his last fight that I trained him, which was for the interim title against Rafael dos Anjos, we agreed on a payment, and he didn't live up to the agreement on the payment. “I think that's where the hostility from Masvidal came.

Why is Covington mad at Masvidal

Masvidal and Covington's relationship first started to sour over accusations that 'Chaos' owed money to a mutual coach, and was refusing to pay up. The feud eventually got so bad that Covington had to exit American Top Team. The UFC built the bad blood into a bout, which the former NCAA All American won easily.

How much does Jorge Masvidal make per fight

Jorge Masvidal's career earnings

Becoming BMF Champion against Nate Diaz in 2019, Masvidal earned $270,000. Fighting Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight title, he reportedly earned $530,000 in the first fight and $532,000 in the rematch.

How much did Jorge Masvidal make from Gamebred Boxing

Jorge Masvidal: Gamebred Boxing 4 payday amounted to almost $3 million. Jorge Masvidal's promotion's 4th boxing PPV saw former world champion Roy Jones Jr. take on former UFC fighter Anthony Pettis in the main event. However, he suffered an upset after losing the fight via a majority decision.

How much does Colby Covington make per fight

According to the reports of MMA salaries, Colby Covington earned a $500 K Base salary against Jorge Masvidal in UFC 272, which was a $100k downfall from his $600k base salary against Kamaru Usman in UFC 268.

How many losses does Chael Sonnen have

Chael Sonnen Record: 29-15-1

W/L Fighter Method
loss Chael Sonnen Rashad Evans KO/TKO Punches
win Chael Sonnen Mauricio Rua SUB Guillotine Choke
loss Chael Sonnen Jon Jones KO/TKO Punches
loss Chael Sonnen Anderson Silva KO/TKO Punch

What did Jorge do to Colby

Police were called to the scene and a report of the incident was filed. The report alleges that Masvidal assaulted Covington leaving Covington with a broken tooth.

Why did Colby and Jorge fall out

"He just hurt and set my career back a lot of time." But Masvidal has lobbed some very specific accusations at Covington. He has repeatedly accused his former teammate of refusing to pay one of their coaches, which he says "fast-forwarded" the decay of their friendship.

Who won Colby vs Masvidal 1

Colby Covington

One of the most heated rivalries in recent years got its main event spotlight on Saturday night, and when it was over, it was Colby Covington defeating his former friend and teammate Jorge Masvidal by way of a near-shutout five-round unanimous decision.

Which fight sold the most PPV

The leading PPV attraction, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has generated approximately 24 million buys and $1.6 billion in revenue.

What was the most expensive PPV fight

The most expensive ppv was Mayweather-Pacquiao, which was $99.99. They only charge this much because people are willing to pay it.